Types of Coonhounds

Black and Tan
Black coat with tan trim. Gentle and loyal hound with a "cold nose" (scent ability for an old scent trail).

White coat with bluetick or redtick coloration (ticking is numerous small spots of color). English hounds are the original ticked hounds.

Solid sorrel coat (sometimes with white on the chest or feet). Redbones possess a superior "cold nose" (scent ability for an old scent trail) and have superior trailing abilities.

White coat with heavy ticking - some are so heavily ticked they almost appear solid colored. Blueticks are the most striking in color of all the hounds. The mingling of black and white (ticking) gives the blue effect although it is common to see some tan trim.

Brindle colored hound. Plott hounds are known for their ability as bear and boar hounds and are unsurpassed as pursuers of game.

Treeing Walker
White coat with large black and/or tan spots and ticking. Walker hounds are direct descendants of the famous Walker foxhound, to which it is identical in color and appearance. Walkers are "hot nosed" (scent ability for the freshest trails).